Where To Find Fish For Sale – Your 3 Options

Luckily with the advent of the internet and other advancements over the last few years it has never been easier to source and buy the fish that you want.

Some places that you can buy fish have their advantages over others and we are going to go through some things that you should be aware of below.


No matter where you buy your fish for sale you should be aware that introducing a new fish to an aquarium can bring with it certain problems:

  • The fish may be aggressive towards other fish or vice versa.
  • The fish may have a disease which you are not aware of and this may make your current fish ill.
  • The fish may need a different environment to the fish you have currently and so may not be able to he kept in the same tank.


DoneDeal.ie fish for sale–


This is a great website as it brings together people looking to sell something with people looking to buy something. Sounds ideal but there is a reason why we don’t all buy things this way.

There is no guarantee as to quality of the product you get and realistically you won’t get your money back if you don’t get what you were promised.

Although great deals can be found on donedeal.ie we would recommend a reputable reseller when looking for fish for sale.

The same advice applies to similar sites like gumtree.ie and buyandsell.ie.


Local retailer fish for sale–


You can usually find fish for sale from a local supplier with a quick search in google. This is a great source for your first fish but can have a limited selection.

If you are lucky enough to live near some of the larger aquatic stores who house a large selection of fish for sale then you will probably have all the selection you need.


The local retailer also has the advantage of being able to give you advice on each fish and to help you pick the best fish for sale based on your needs and the equipment you have available.

This knowledge is invaluable to the beginner as it can mean the difference between a successful aquarium or a failure.


Online retailer fish for sale –


There are some sites online which allow you to have fish posted to you, usually by courier.


Due to Ireland being quite isolated geographically the postage on a fish can be a lot more than the cost of the actual fish.


Also there are regulations in Ireland about importing aquatic animals and you have to register with the Marine Institute as an ornamental importer whether you are bringing in the fish for personal or commercial reasons.


The Marine Institute then requires 24hrs notification before any aquatic animal is brought into the country. These precautions are to make sure that the import of the fish does not harm the fish and that the fish is not diseased.

The exemption to this is if the fish for sale is coming from Northern Ireland but if it is coming from anywhere else in the UK the procedure above has to be followed.


Due to the complexity of this we would recommend that local options are explored firstly before looking further afield.



Ultimately no matter where you find your fish for sale you will need to have the aquarium and all your aquatic supplies purchased before you bring the fish home.


We recommend that before you even think about which fish to buy you make the savvy purchase of buying the Ultimate Secrets to Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Invertebrates. An amazing ebook which will give you the knowledge to make sure you never make any mistakes in which fish you buy.

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