10 Reasons The Best Pets are Marine Fish

There are lots of choices out there for what pets to get.


There are the obvious like a cat or a dog – to the typical kids pets like rabbits and guinea pigs – to the extreme like a giant boa constrictor or a Bengal tiger.


No matter what pet you have you probably think that you’ve got the best pet. Otherwise why would you have that pet and not something else?


What we tried to do is to come up with some objective reasons why marine fish are the best pets. You can agree or disagree. Just disagree in silence!




You get to play God by making your own world where it never should have existed

Realistically you should never have been able to have a marine fish sitting on your dining room table in Ireland!

It defies the laws of nature and if you are honest there is something cool about that.


Learn about social interaction from the behaviour of marine fish –

Marine fish are quite unique in that they keep their natural behaviour even when they are held in captivity.

Most animals which humans domesticate change how they behave because of their interaction with humans but marine fish keep this instinct.

Granted some aspects change like they don’t get fed flakes of food in the wild but they keep the same hierarchy and aggressiveness regardless of being wild or captive.


Learn to be disciplined by having to follow a routine –

Keeping marine fish means you have to feed them regularly, you have to check the pH of the tank, the oxygen levels of the tank and basically manage the world that these aquatic animals live in.

Without you, these marine fish will die, keeping them alive takes a small degree of discipline which can be applied to other areas of our lives.


Learn about biology from how an eco-system survives –

Really a marine fish tank is like a mini ocean or river.

It is a slice of nature bottled up and kept for our amusement.

What we don’t often realise is how the marine fish feed off the algae in the tank and that the water pump has bacteria build up in it and how some marine fish even feed of the waste product of the other fish.

There is a visible circle of life going on right in front of you.


Learn about chemistry, pH levels, salt levels, and nitrogen and oxygen levels –

This is often the worst part of keeping marine fish. Having to keep everything balanced so that they can continue to exist.

In nature the ocean has mechanisms to control all of these variables that we have to worry about as fish keepers but on our little slice of ocean we have to keep our marine fish comfortable and alive.

The benefit of this is that we understand more about how an environment can change and how the pH of a liquid can be altered and so on, maybe not the most useful skill to have but you never know!


They never eat your homework or get knocked down by a car –

Marine fish are easy to care for and they won’t run away from home (at least they won’t get very far).

You don’t have to take them for a walk and you don’t have to have a special box you clean out for them to poop in.

I for one think that’s a good thing!


Fish have a calming effect on people –

I challenge you to think of anyone who looked at a tank full of beautiful marine fish and had a negative thing to say about them.

Aquariums make people happy and calm.


Relatively cheap –

Granted it can cost a good chunk of change to get the initial aquarium, pump, filter, gravel, etc, etc, etc, BUT the upkeep of a marine fish is very little. If you think about how much food and vets bills are for a cat or dog then marine fish are a bargain.


Amazingly colourful –

In short you don’t see any of the other common pets with the range of colours that you get on a marine fish!

Maybe you have seen a purple cat or a yellow dog or maybe even a orange and white striped hamster with a sense of humour but for most people the only way they get to see those amazing colours in a pet is in marine fish.


Stupid names –

My personal favourite reason to get marine fish is that they seem to be exempt from stupid names being stupid.

Like if you give a dog a weird name like Captain Jack Sparrow and you’re in a park and have to call your dog, everyone within ear shot will think you need to be taken away in a straitjacket.

If you call a fish anything from the dog classic Rover to the bizarre Marshmallow Fancy Pants people just accept it.


If you want to get a marine fish then we would recommend being responsible with your fish keeping hobby and first invest in a comprehensive guide to this amazing hobby. We recommend Ultimate Secrets to Saltwater Fish and Invertebrates as the best available ebook on the market currently. This gives you a walk through from what to look for before you get your fish through to how to care for your fish and how to spot disease. You should have all the info you need for almost any type of aquarium you want but without having to buy a ton of books or trawl through the internet for days/months/years. Great book.

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